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With a diverse background that saw him starting out as an apprentice in the building industry, Matt Jull knows the value of learning from the wisdom and experience of the right people.

At 20, Matt borrowed $300 and launched himself into the world of business owner. Within 6 months he had a staff of 20 – which sounds like the perfect success story.

Except it wasn’t – and another 6 months later Matt had to face the fact that he although was a great tradesman, he knew little about running a business; so he swallowed his pride, let his employees go, and started again from scratch.

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A Path To Success

This time Matt enlisted the help and guidance of successful business mentors who taught him things his accountant, lawyer and bank manager had not; like the generalised principles of a successful business, and the principles of turnaround management and company restructuring.

Matt’s business ventures went from strength to strength – he became passionate about building successful, award winning businesses, and has since inspired and helped his clients to achieve award winning success.

Lay The Right Foundations For Lasting Success
Learn powerful strategies to maximise profits and increase cashflow

Most recently, Matt has written and published a book – Profit Secrets Revealed: Profit from knowing what your accountant knows but doesn’t tell you.

In his book Matt teaches you how to lay the right foundations to take your business to the next level – and all the other levels after that, with a clear focus on a winning goal.

With passionate enthusiasm, he talks about the fundamental core values of business success, and how to best reap the rewards of that success.

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Facebook Posts

"Celebrate the extra $67k with a well-deserved beer tonight"

Was my advice to Deano
Owner of an automotive parts business

I've been helping him for a little over two months
As per my usual Modis-Operandi

I began by digging for gold

In the financial reports

Yeap... I'm that boring fella who reads financial reports

But! It's HOW I read them that makes the difference

I look for "The Story"
What kind of picture's being painted

Like a past, present, future type of thing

So in Deans business

The past has been rubbish... Utter and total crap to be honest

He'll tell you its been absolutely gut-wrenching
With more bills than cash to pay 'em

He was pulling his hair out thinking "Why did I buy this business"

Luckily he'd read my book Profit Secrets Revealed

And thought "maybe this Matt guy can help me!"

He reached out - sent me an email asking to meet (then went on holiday - but that's another story)

We met ... We hit it off... We started mentoring

Starting with Cash Flow!

Cause cash flows the heartbeat of business, it stops beating its all over... Right?

I dug into his reports

Showed him how I read 'em

Then told him the story the numbers told me

Long & short of it

This Business Needed Open Heart Surgery - STAT!

We needed to cut costs, deal with a dumb'ass bank manager (apologies to the good ones reading this) and SELL MORE!

We cut $17,947 in overheads immediately

Trimmed 12.4% off the cost of sale (giving us a massive boost to margin)

I called in a favour with the bank and two awesome managers came visiting - that visit ended with instant approval for funding

Then, with the pressure off we started selling...

Posting the biggest month ever

Sale​s of $181,000.65​ to be exact

$67,000 more than the previous month (despite all the cold, rainy Auckland days last month)

Cool! But there's more to it all than just financial results

What I haven't told you is how it was a​ffecting Dean

Not sleeping

Really stres​sed and worried about losing everything

Even verging on depr​ession (Dean's never been depressed in his life)

Now everything's tu​rning around


And we're not about to stop ​there

There'll be more changes

Positive changes

Dean's got his "Happy" back.​.. Feeling more and more in control every d​ay... Feeling normal again

All I can say is... "I love what I do!"

Hearing it in his voice and seeing it on ​his face (and yeap the geek in me enjoys seeing it in the numbers too haha)


Why am​ I telling you all this?

Answers simple

I reckon its a great story

Hea​ps of people are freaked out by recent events

(Think elections and you'll know what I mean)

We need more great stories
Maybe you've got a great stor​y

If you have, comment below 'cause I'​d​ love to hear it


Maybe you've got a business thats​ not great ​yet

Y​ou know it can be great

But you need a bit of "extra know how" to get i​t there

Like with Dean.​.. I'​d love to help

Flick me a message

​​We'll have a chat

You never know​

Maybe you'll find g​old in those reports too :-)

Talk soon

B​TW... I alm​ost forgot... Dean's reply to my advice "h​ave a well deserved beer".​.. Here it is (word for word)...​

"You enjoy a beer too – your advice and encouragement have been a game changer."
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"And the winner is... COREFUSION!"

We were stunned

Everyone at our table leapt to their feet

And the celebrations began...

Hey there, Matt here

That was how Friday night went

A pretty bloody awesome night it was

*** Let me roll back the clock ***

August 2015

I met two amazing guys from the Samoan business community

Robert and Elia

They asked me to mentor them

Truthfully, they already had heaps of business experience

And heaps of connections

What they needed was someone they trusted

Without prejudice

Like a 3rd Umpire

To listen to their ideas

And question them about this & that angle

An "Acid Test" if you like

*** Back to the present ***

After two years developing their product

(It's a really cool APP to help frontline police and social services people serve our communities better + MORE but that's the short version)

Robert and Elia

Now have their APP approved for National Roll Out with the NZ Police

Investors backing them

More investors chasing them...

And NOW...

A major Business Innovation Award under their belt

*** If you've ever wondered... "What can a mentor do for my business?" ***

Maybe it's time to find out

It just starts with a conversation

A phone call

Then maybe a coffee... or two

*** To see if "we're a fit" ***

It'll be low key, off the record

'Cause mentoring's not for everyone

But it might be right for you!

Only if I'm positive that I can help you, will I say so

If I can't help you

I might know someone who can

And I'll make the introduction for you

Business is about connections right?

*** That's how it started for Robert and Elia ***

A simple meeting last year

They're moving towards greater things... FAST


If you'd like that - low key - off the record chat

Just message me with your phone number

And tell me what's good time to call you

There'll be NO Hard Sell - PROMISE

Just a simple... Can I help you conversation

Message me now and lets see where this goes

You never know

You might be the next Robert and Elia :-)

Talk soon

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A Popular and Entertaining Speaker
You Can Rethink Business

Matt is also an articulate and talented public speaker who entertains and engages his audience with thought provoking topics and lessons taken from his own, real-life business experiences.

Many business owners have joined Matt’s mentoring programme as a result of hearing him speak, and have had resounding success.

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