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With a diverse background that saw him starting out as an apprentice in the building industry, Matt Jull knows the value of learning from the wisdom and experience of the right people.

At 20, Matt borrowed $300 and launched himself into the world of business owner. Within 6 months he had a staff of 20 – which sounds like the perfect success story.

Except it wasn’t – and another 6 months later Matt had to face the fact that he although was a great tradesman, he knew little about running a business; so he swallowed his pride, let his employees go, and started again from scratch.

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  • Kris & Barb MacGregor
    “When we first met Matt Jull we had never had a turnover of more than $500,000, after 3 years with...
    Kris & Barb MacGregor KBM Ltd – Refresh Renovations
  • Graeme Fatialofa
    Meeting Matt and using his systems to measure my marketing results has revolutionised my business. Before that I was pissing...
    Graeme Fatialofa Suburban Metro Relocations
  • Jane Eyles-Bennett
    I first met Matt at a time when I wasn’t enjoying my business; I was dealing with rat’s and mice...
    Jane Eyles-Bennett Founder of Spaceworks Ltd
  • Ron Hoy Fong
    I turned to Matt Jull for advice when the minimum wage was increasing by 50 cents and with more than...
    Ron Hoy Fong Tofu Shop
  • Lisa Wood
    Matt is an amazing source of information, I’ve even tried Googling extra hard questions to find a limit to his...
    Lisa Wood Features Forever
  • Pat Schuster
    Since meeting Matt my sales have taken a massive leap forward, my new systems and sales processes have revolutionised my...
    Pat Schuster Schupepe Tents
  • Mike Booth
    I have a business that I’m very proud of and Matt has been a big part of that journey. In...
    Mike Booth Jet Cleaning
  • Rob Van Heiningen
    Meeting Matt opened my eyes to a whole world of opportunities. After taking his advice we embarked on a massive...
    Rob Van Heiningen Alert Group

A Path To Success

This time Matt enlisted the help and guidance of successful business mentors who taught him things his accountant, lawyer and bank manager had not; like the generalised principles of a successful business, and the principles of turnaround management and company restructuring.

Matt’s business ventures went from strength to strength – he became passionate about building successful, award winning businesses, and has since inspired and helped his clients to achieve award winning success.

Lay The Right Foundations For Lasting Success
Learn powerful strategies to maximise profits and increase cashflow

Most recently, Matt has written and published a book – Profit Secrets Revealed: Profit from knowing what your accountant knows but doesn’t tell you.

In his book Matt teaches you how to lay the right foundations to take your business to the next level – and all the other levels after that, with a clear focus on a winning goal.

With passionate enthusiasm, he talks about the fundamental core values of business success, and how to best reap the rewards of that success.

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A Popular and Entertaining Speaker
You Can Rethink Business

Matt is also an articulate and talented public speaker who entertains and engages his audience with thought provoking topics and lessons taken from his own, real-life business experiences.

Many business owners have joined Matt’s mentoring programme as a result of hearing him speak, and have had resounding success.

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